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Practically Cool – Performance Intercooler R&D, Part 3 – Production sample

Honda inadvertently morphed the Accord into an enthusiast car when the turbocharged variants took over. That means drivers are sure to push the 10th generation Accord to the limits in all walks of life. Whether you're picking up groceries, laying down lap times, or setting a new personal best time for your work commute, the turbo mounted to either engine variant adds a practical boost and economical speed to your family-oriented sedan. That is, of course, until the intercooler soaks with heat.

As we covered in our last posts, no matter your driving style, it's … Continue Reading ››

Airflow for the Masses – Performance Air Intake R&D, Part 3 – Production Sample

A significant step in ensuring a product is ready for the masses is to triple-check your work. The designs and prototypes might be perfect, but a final check of what actually comes off the production line is the best litmus test. We're about to perform that litmus test on our 1.5T Accord performance air intake, and we're eager to show off its new look.

We refreshed the airbox from the ground up, complete … Continue Reading ››

Righteous Pipes – Performance Inlet Tubes R&D, Part 1 – Concept and Design

Ten years ago, the thought of replacing the V8 powerplant of a full-size pickup truck with a turbocharged V6 was blasphemy. Ford made it happen, though, and ten years later, the 3.5L EcoBoost is the breadwinner in the F-150 family. A high-output version even sits at the very top of Ford's pickup line under the hood of the coveted Raptor. Even though the EcoBoost is stealing the spotlight from the V8 option, it could still use some upgrades in the turbo inlet department, and we here at Mishimoto are already on the case.

Ford churns … Continue Reading ››

Cooling Supplement – Performance Auxiliary Heat Exchanger R&D

Advancements in automotive technology mean engineers can pack more power into smaller, more potent packages. At least, that's how Volkswagen sees it. The 2015+ MK7 Golf R and all other MQB vehicles are among the most compelling examples of this theory to date, inching ever closer to the 300hp mark out of an unsuspecting hatchback, complete with AWD. The drawbacks to squeezing this much power into a compact platform are the heat generated and decreased room for cooling. VW found a way around this by employing additional auxiliary coolers in these applications. Still, those asking more of their … Continue Reading ››

New Hire – 2021 BMW G80 M3 Competition Introduction

If there’s one car that most enthusiasts will never get sick of, it’s the M3. Every six years or so, surrounded by excitement and anticipation, BMW bestows upon us the latest benchmark for performance sedans. We all want to know how BMW is going to raise the bar. The 6th generation of the M3 continues that tradition, but this time we here at Mishimoto wanted in on the action. So we bought one.

The M3 is here, and with some bold styling, to say the least